Antenna Delta by SQ2PLK/M0PLK

 Last changes 3 june 2013

This antenna was based on articles in magazine "Świat Radio" 11/2010 page 64 and webpages: and and Author is Artur SQ2PLK/M0PLK.
A lot of useful information also I found on the forum:

In our radio club SP3YPR this antenna is built for Zbyszek SP3NYF, Tomek SQ3MZM and Waldek SP3NYR.

This is the mount balun. All components are attached to the lid of the can.

Connector links ladders and the wire of delta.

The carrier plate with the rods, and box in the balun.



The antenna is built on the basis of eight-meter-long rods, which removed the last part (the tip), which gives about 7 m length. Wire is the links in the isolation of 1 mm ^ 2. And the electrical box.
Balun on the core Amidon T200-2.
Fixing rods with handles for water pipes.
Struts of the ladder is tekstolitu strips, with holes drilled with a pitch of 65 mm. Rope and ladder are separate elements until the time of submission of an antenna with a connector as photo. Electrically this is one element. Power line is made slightly different technology than originally intended and achieved in this way, wire spacing 75mm - see photos.

Facilitation is a very practical application of butterfly nuts. Bolt with a butterfly nut on the bottom of the carrier plate is helpful when experimenting with changing the length of links.


Spacers ladder feed line was attached to the wire with plastic ties.

View of the antenna frame.